Rules of the Association

1. The only publishing houses admitted are those which publish more than 20 % in the field of sports literature. The publisher or a person authorized by him is the member of the Association. 2. All publishing companies which joined the Association in 1991 are regarded as founding members.

3. The business of the Association is run by the head office. The head office acts in the interest of the members and is the central communication partner for all members. It also deals with third parties.

4. A president presides over the Association. The president has to be from one of the founding publishing companies.

5. All publishing houses are obliged to pay a single admission fee of US$ 100.-. The annual membership fee amounts to US$ 200.-. These fees are meant to cover the head office’s expenditures.

6. The admission fee and annual fees are to be transferred to the Association account at the Pax Bank in Aachen (Germany). (IBAN: DE43 3706 0193 1006 0000 25; BIC: GENODED1PAX).

7. It is a principle of the Association to admit publishing houses from as many countries as possible in order to guarantee for a great variety of languages and topics. Sport Publishers from as many countries and continents as possible should be able to become a member of the Association if they can fulfil the admission requirements.

8. All publishing companies which are members of the Association are asked to send half yearly a copy of their new brochures to all member in the association plus five extra copies to the head office for potential new members. The head office takes care of the distribution to new members in order to inform them about new or planned titles of other members.

9. The members meet once a year. This meeting should take place if possible at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) or another major congress. The head office will invite the members to this meeting.

10. One goal of the association is to establish a sports books award in cooperation with ICSSPE. The award should be divided into three categories: illustrated book, manual/textbook, scientific book.

These basic rules of the Association are to be regarded as guidelines for members, who should take advantage of their membership. The members of the WSPA will be able to look after their interests in sports publications through the intermediary of their head office.

Hans Jürgen Meyer President Aachen, April 2004

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