World Sport Publishers’ Association (English)

The World Sport Publishers’ Association (WSPA) is an international organization of publishers in the field of sports, fitness and physical education. It was founded on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair 1990.

The organization has set itself the task to be a strong partner for the sport worldwide and to promote and distribute it through the variety of languages and content of its members.
The WSPA can provide internationally active organizations, for example, a worldwide marketing and distribution network for the global production of books ranging from training literature to picture books for events and anniversaries. The membership in the world sports council ICSSPE (International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education) complements this aspiration.

A further objective is the strengthening of its members. On the one hand, the transfer of license agreements is simplified by the continuous contact within the organization. Through the bi-annual mailing of catalogs to each other, all members are always well informed of developments around the world.
On the other hand, the WSPA is in good contact with the organizers of book fairs worldwide. The WSPA takes part in the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt and also helds its annual general meeting there. In cooperation with the BookExpoAmerica, there is also a presentation of the organization in the USA. Further exhibitions will follow.

Through a newsletter, members of the WSPA are regularly informed on current events in the world and also have the possibility to present themselves to the other members. So there is a constant contact between the members.

The board of the World Sport Publishers’ Association consists of the President Hans Jürgen Meyer (Meyer & Meyer Verlag, Germany) and the three vice-presidents Geoff Cowen (Windsor Books International, United Kingdom), David Domingo (Ediciones Tutor, Spain) and Thomas Hecht (Hofmann Verlag, Germany). The secretariat is based in the publishing house of the respective President.

Currently, publishers and partners from the following countries are members in the WSPA:
Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Spain.

To join WSPA, just submit an informal application for membership to the secretariat in Aachen. To cover the expenses of the office an admittion fee (from U.S. $ 100.00) and an annual fee (U.S. $ 200.00) are charged.

For further information and inquiries, please contact the secretariat.

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